With over 4 Billion videos watched every day, YouTube has become the go-to platform for just about anything you can think of. But when you think of YouTube, what may first come to mind is “fail” video compilations or delightful videos of cats doing hilarious things rather than a useful educational tool. However there is a YouTube channel for almost any interest, and there are so many educational channels with lecture series, interactive lessons, and more available on the platform. And best of all, they’re all FREE!


Are you interested in science? History? Space? Engineering? Then these Educational YouTube channels might be of interest to you! These channels ask the big questions, or they try to answer some of your burning questions. Educational videos can even be useful tools for educators to spice up a lesson, or to provide a visual aid. For example, when we at STEM Minds teach our students about 3D printing, what better way to show the real-world applications of 3D technology than showing a video of a real house being printed?


These channels pride themselves on making learning fun whether you’re an adult or child!



It’s OK To Be Smart


Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqFtWwQCzFI


It’s OK To Be Smart is a channel produced by PBS and creates educational videos covering a wide range of topics.

Have you ever wondered where do teeth come from? How your memory works? Or how the pyramids were built?

It’s OK To Be Smart can answer these burning questions and so many more!




TED – Ed


Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/user/TEDEducation

If you want to learn something new, TED-Ed is a great place to start! The creators of TED Talks also have an excellent educational YouTube channel! Just like TED Talks, TED-Ed is committed to spreading great ideas. There are lots of great videos on a wide range of topics from history, philosophy, biology and more! (although their riddles are our personal favourite).


See if you can solve one of their riddles!



Kids Invent Stuff


Everyone knows that kids have the craziest imaginations. The Makers of Kids Invent Stuff harness that creative energy to engineer some awesome inventions!

Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obXL-0nwzH4&frags=pl%2Cwn


Kids submit amazing and imaginative ideas and then they get brought to life! They also have a new invention challenge each month for those who have their own awesome invention ideas! We need creative solutions for some of the worlds most urgent problems such as climate change, and who better to turn to for creative solutions than those with the best imaginations?


While harnessing the power of dogs to make electricity is not the most burning concern in engineering, finding creative renewable energy solutions is! One child invented a hat for dogs that generates electricity with solar panels!



Have a favourite Youtube channel that we didn’t mention here? Post them in the comments below!