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Discover a revolutionary new learning platform for youth, created by teachers, for teachers.

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Our platform makes it simple for teachers, students, and parents to learn, track their progress, and get help when they need it. All programs come with detailed curriculum and customized personal journeys using advanced technology. Easy for you, rewarding for them.

Some highlights that we will cover:

  • Gamification of real world problems through e-Learning and e-Assessment tools to ensure learning sticks
  • Virtual Reality experiences using hardware agnostic technology for engagement and fun
  • Personalized learning journeys using artificial intelligence which adapts to student needs
  • Curriculum integration using hands-on projects to ensure classroom alignment
  • Student metrics analysis using digital tools like Badgr Pro allowing teachers to stay up to date on engagement and progress
  • Digital citizenship, communication and collaboration integrated with privacy to focus on soft skills development
  • Custom tools, e-portfolios and integrations using a powerful learning management system (Canvas) to address varying learning styles of students
  • Accessibility enablement for inclusion of varying student needs