Education benefits for your company!

These are challenging times for everyone.

Kids are stuck at home with limited social interaction and educational opportunities.

Parents are trying to juggle the new reality of working from home while still supporting their child’s education.

Employers are trying to ensure their staff are safe while still maintaining productivity and engagement.


How We Can Help


  • Funding provided by corporation to support a specified number of students to access live virtual classes/online courses.
  • Includes custom registration page with corporate branding.
  • All client communications, onboarding, and registration facilitated by STEM Minds


  • Corporation shares program opportunities with desired audience, including a custom coupon code
  • STEM Minds provides marketing assets, including email text, in order to share learning opportunities
  • All client communications, onboarding, and registration facilitated by STEM Minds



"I can’t say enough about what STEM Minds has done for my kids. STEM Minds has provided a fun, hands-on environment for my kids to learn about robotics, coding, VR, etc; basically, the future of tech and employment. The education system needs to catch up to what STEM Minds is providing!"

Tom I, Parent

"At the end of the workshop the first comment from my students was "when can we do this again?" They not only enjoyed the workshop but came away with much more knowledge that they applied in a fun way! I consider myself knowledgeable in terms of teaching coding, but what they learned from STEM Minds took it to another level!"


"Challenging, supportive and fun environment! STEM Minds is constantly changing their programming to stay current and relevant. Staff have education backgrounds and can support all abilities and kids with exceptionalities!"

Jill M, Parent