FIRST® is a global robotics community that prepares young people for the future and inspires today’s kids to build tomorrow’s leaders. Through programs impacting learning, interest, and skill-building, FIRST successfully combines the rigor of STEM learning with the fun and exciting traditional sports and inspiration. Thousands of events are held annually and the number of FIRST program participants has reached over 2.5 million globally since 1989.



FIRST is partnering with Brandeis University to conduct a multi-year longitudinal study measuring STEM-related impacts and the exceptional results include but are not limited to 68% of the declared rate of a STEM major among FIRST alumni in college compared to 58% of peers
and 68% of the declared rate of a major in engineering or computer science among FIRST alumni in comparison with 29% of peers. Other than that, according to the research, young women in FIRST have significant gains in all STEM areas including STEM interest, career interest, activity,
knowledge, and identity compared to young women in the comparison group.


  • Deliver STEM workshops on
    behalf of FIRST Robotics
  • Deliver Teacher PD
    workshops on behalf of
    FIRST Robotics


  • Mentor / Coach / Sponsor Robotics teams