Most parents today realize how important STEM is to their children’s futures, but many don’t fully realize why. Aside from the obvious and direct insight and understanding that STEM studies offers, there are numerous ways that these fields of studies help children to become better people, have better prospects and enjoy better futures. Here are a few examples.

STEM Teaches Kids How to Solve Problems

From the earliest math problems involving apples or trains, STEM studies teach children the invaluable problem of problem solving. Later on, your child will use those skills in college, when designing a new type of bridge in an engineering course, or in their job to solve a production issue.

The ability to reason, and come to logical, practical solutions, however, is one of the greatest gifts your children will get from STEM studies, in every career, field, and in their personal lives.

STEM Creates Determined Individuals

STEM subjects can be tough. The answers aren’t always immediately apparent, and it can be a challenge to master new concepts. For those who stick to their STEM studies, however, the determination that they learn from facing challenges and problems head on, and sticking to it when things get tough, will make them better people all round.

STEM Develops Enquiring Minds

You can always spot the kid who loves STEM, and who is destined to be an engineer, programmer, doctor or inventor. They’re the one in the basement with the vacuum cleaner in pieces, trying to figure out how it all works.

Children who are passionate about STEM studies have enquiring minds, and they are always looking for answers, and to understand how the world works. We need more people like that.

STEM Opens Up New Possibilities

Kids who don’t study STEM subjects in school have a much narrower field of options when it comes time to enter college or university, and in careers.

While it’s true that kids who do excel in STEM can still opt to become artists, chefs or writers, those who don’t cannot opt to become doctors, engineers or scientists.

STEM Gives Kids Something to Belong To

STEM studies are, in a very real way, quite an elite club. Whether they realize it or not, children who are interested in and excel in these fields of study are already part of a group of very special individuals, and while many are also popular in general, it’s always great to belong to a group of likeminded individuals!

Succeeding in STEM Builds Confidence

Because STEM subjects are tougher than many others, succeeding in any of these subjects can be a big confidence boost – even when success doesn’t come easily or first time. In fact, when kids do struggle a little before mastering the concepts, they’re much more likely to feel pride in their achievements, and to gain confidence in their abilities.

STEM is about so much more than just science, technology, engineering and math. It gives kids so much more than just understanding of these subjects. It’s possibly one of the most important fields of study and character building that your child can be involved in, and if you can give them this opportunity, you truly do owe it to them to try.