It’s December, which means we’re officially in the swing of the holidays! For better or worse, gift buying is a part of the holiday season, and knowing just what to get the youngsters in your life can be tricky. But fear not! We’re here to help with our Holiday STEM Gift Guide to provide you with inspiration for gifts to inspire #fearlesslearning no matter your budget! Throughout this post, you can click the images to purchase them online from a variety of retailers.


  1. Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Headset

There are so many VR Headset models out there, ranging from less than $20 to more than $100, so you have a wide range of choice for what suits your needs. Virtual Reality is constantly increasing in popularity. No surprise here; it’s so much fun! Getting someone a VR Headset means they get to join in on the fun. In your card, include a few suggestions for free apps to download (like Discovery VR) so they can get started on their VR adventure right away!


  1. Sphero Robot

Sphero SPRK

The Sphero robot is one of our favourite tools to sue at STEM MINDS because it’s so much fun to use and never fails to engage even the most reluctant coder. With so many awesome features (including the ability to use some models underwater!), it’s a great way to introduce the youngster in your life to the world of coding and robotics. Plus, for the Star Wars lover in your life there is a model that’s designed to look like BB-8!


  1. Kodeapillar


For our youngest learners, the Kodeapillar is a great way to get started! The robot is super easy to use and can be found at a very affordable price point. Plus, there is a Kodeapillar app that we love to use in our programs that does a great job of reinforcing the coding skills learned through the robot.


  1. 3D Doodle Pen

3D Doodle Pen

Even though an actual 3D Printer is out of most of our price ranges, you can still do 3D design at home with a 3D Doodle Pen! These work very similarly to a 3D printer, but are instead operated by hand. Check out some of the amazing creations people have posted online to get some inspiration and get started!


  1. STEM MINDS Gift Card


Give the gift of #fearlesslearning to your loved ones and watch them thrive in the new year. Gift cards can be purchased at our location at 212 Earl Stewart Drive and can be used for any of our programs. Available in any denomination of your choosing, a STEM MINDS gift card is an easy way to support the #fearlesslearning journey of the youth in your life and ensure they’ll have an awesome STEM-filled year.


We hope this gift guide has inspired you with some awesome new ideas for the holidays! Always remember that although gifts are awesome, the holidays are truly meant to be a time to spend with friends and family and make memories. Let us know in the comments below if you see any cool new STEM gift ideas when you are out shopping!