Micro-Credentials for Teachers

Personalize and get recognized for your professional learning with micro-credentials! Fully backed by Digital Promise, STEM Minds Teacher Micro-Credentials are designed to support teachers in bringing the best of STEM teaching and learning into the classroom through research-based professional development and competency-building.


According to Digital Promise, “Micro-credentials are competency-based, on-demand, personalized, and shareable. They empower learners to drive their professional learning and give employers and education providers the tools they need to personalize learning.”

Teachers are in the driver’s seat; you choose the micro-credential (or a stack of micro-credentials) you want to explore. We give you access to our STEAM Hub online learning platform and additional professional development resources so you can build your skills. Once you’ve demonstrated your competence through submitted learning artifacts, you earn the micro-credential to certify your learning. It’s that easy!


Coding in the Classroom

To put it simply, coding is “the language that computers speak.” Much like “human languages,” there are many different coding languages used around the world, all of which have different strengths and uses. In order to use computers as a tool to shape the world around us, we need to learn these languages.

In this micro-credential the educator will use a range of coding languages (including block based and text based) and pedagogical strategies to teach students to code.

Video Game Design in the Classroom

To put it simply, coding is “the language that computers speak,” and video games are created with code! A huge portion of our students dream of becoming video game designers when they become adults, but a large number of them don’t recognize exactly what is happening behind the scenes in their favorite games! From graphics to gameplay, points systems to levels, coding is behind it all.

In this micro-credential the educator will use video game design in the classroom to engage students and support twenty-first-century learning.

Digital Art, Design & Media in the Classroom

There is no STEM without creativity. Technology can be leveraged in many ways to create the art and media that surrounds our lives. In an increasingly media-based world, students need to develop their skills across a range of mediums in order to express their ideas.

In this micro-credential the educator will use a range of digital art and media tools and pedagocial strategies to support student learning.

Robotics in the Classroom

Robotics is the ultimate real world application of coding that challenges students to combine their programming skills with real life problem solving. Understanding how to work with robotics creates a deeper understanding of the true nature and applications of technology as a whole. 

In this micro-credential the educator will use a range of coding languages and robots to engage students and support twenty-first-century learning.

Entrepreneurship in the Classroom

Calling all future leaders, game changers, and problem solvers! Entrepreneurs are shaping the world around us, so let’s get in on the fun. From public speaking to business planning, inclusive design to the money behind it all, you’ll explore the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

In this micro-credential the educator will use a range of tools and pedagogical strategies to support students in developing entrepreneurial skills and mindsets.

Advanced STEM in the Classroom

Technology is everywhere, but do we really understand it? From AI, cybersecurity, cryptography, big data, blockchain, and more, these advanced STEM topics can be a challenge to untangle.

In this micro-credential teachers will learn the fundamentals of advanced STEM technologies to support students in learning skills relevant for the jobs of today and the future.

Certified by Digital Promise


New to micro-credentialling? You may be wondering where to start!

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about our micro-credentials to help you dive into your fearless learning journey.

Are there any prerequisites?

Nope! Whether you have no experience at all or are a seasoned expert, our micro-credentials are a great way to continue to build your competency and earn recognition for your skills. 

How will I earn the micro-credential?

It’s simple! There are 4 main components to earn a micro-credential.

1. Complete a short reflection prior to starting.

2. Complete one of the STEAM Hub courses and professional development sessions designated for the micro-credential you have chosen.

3. Complete and submit a lesson plan showing how you will implement your learning in the classroom.

4. Complete a final reflection. 

I'm new to all of this. What's a good micro-credential to start with?

The choice is totally up to you! The best fit for you will depend on your interest, the interests of your students, goals for your school and district, and more.

How long will a micro-credential take me to earn?

It depends! On average, our micro-credentials will take approximately 20 hours to earn, from start to finish.

What if I need help?

We’re here for you! Our expert team of certified teachers will not only be reviewing your work and providing feedback, but you can also send us an email at support@stemminds.com at any time if you have questions.