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Outside-of-the-box STEM programming that ignites a passion for #FEARLESSLEARNING

We, like you, believe that children need to be prepared with the digital skills required for them to thrive in the future. At the same time, we feel that an out-of-the box model that makes room for different learning styles leads to confidence and collaboration rather than divisiveness and this is key for successful engagement.

STEM Minds programming helps you fill the gaps in school curriculum that aren’t sourced properly to provide these amazing learning opportunities for kids. To help them be ready for what the future holds.

Our programming is outside the box in many ways. It is not our mission to teach kids a curriculum. It is our mission to ignite their passion. To make them thrive. To teach them how to learn independently and become part of something bigger than themselves. We do this through modern learning techniques and by being agile and adopting new and emerging technologies as teaching tools.

Our in-situ programming has been so wildly successful that we decided to make it accessible to a wider audience by creating the STEM Minds Online Academy. The Online Academy programming is available to individuals, school boards and private schools of all shapes and sizes.

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What you need to know about the Academy

  • The STEM Minds Online Academy is a world-class online learning platform for youth ages 8-18. With a wide range of STEM programs, from 3D design and coding, video game design and app development, to robotics and web design, it brings the best of STEM teaching and learning right to your fingertips. See our course list here.
  • Over the last 3 years we’ve worked with thousands of students and hundreds of teachers testing and refining our programs so that we know kids are getting the very best of STEM in a way that understands their unique needs and interests.
  • We use technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), simulators, gamification and badging to help ignite students’ curiosity and help them assimilate what they are learning.
  • We also use technologies such as BadgrPro to monitor and assess student’s engagement and understand their learning styles. This way all different learning styles and special needs are seen and addressed immediately.
  • We don’t ask students to change to meet our teaching style, we teach to student’s strengths. Our mission is to empower them.
  • Learn more by downloading our flyers and onboarding guide for schools.

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