Online Learning

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A cutting edge online learning platform that
empowers students and teachers

The Best in STEM Programming
Training young hearts and minds for the future is at the root of everything you do. Our Online Academy programs and technology empower you to give your students the best opportunities to learn STEM topics – no matter how they learn.

Learning that Sticks with them
The best way to learn STEM is to do STEM. All of our courses feature a variety of student-led projects that get them applying the skills they are learning. Learning is fun with challenging projects, gamification, badging, virtual reality and hands-on experiences.

Easy to Implement in your School
Our platform makes it simple for teachers, students, and parents to learn, track their progress, and get help when they need it. All programs come with detailed curriculum and customized personal journeys using advanced technology. Easy for you, rewarding for them.

Fully Supported Solution
You’re not alone on this fearless learning journey. Our expert team is here to help.

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