Animation with Wick Editor

Introductory video is coming soon.

Technology Requirements: A chromebook or laptop with wifi access.

Tools & Additional Downloads: Using the Wick Editor website and no account creation required.

skill level: 1/5



Module 1: Introduction to Animation

Learn about the rich history of the animation industry and explore key animation principles!


Module 2: Introduction to Wick Editor

Explore our course tool WickEditor as you begin to create your very own animations!


Module 3: Anticipation & Staging

Discover the principles of anticipation and staging in your animations and how they effect your audience.


Module 4: Slow-in & Slow-out

Experiment with your animation speeds as you explore the principles of slow-in and slow-out.


Module 5: Follow Through & Overlapping Action

Enhance your animation projects by including the principles of follow-through and overlapping action.


Module 6: Arc & Timing

Discover how to make more realistic animations by adding arcs and playing with timing!


Module 7: Straight Ahead & Pose to Pose

Learn a key technique of professional animators as you explore the principles of straight ahead and pose to pose.


Module 8: Secondary Action & Solid Drawing

Create more detailed animation projects with the principles of secondary action and solid drawing.


Module 9: Design Thinking & Storyboarding

Use what you’ve learned to plan your best animation yet as you prepare a storyboard for your final project.


Module 10: Final Project

Bring your most creative ideas to life as you apply what you’ve learned in a final project!


Module 11: Peer Feedback

Show your final animation to an audience and get feedback on where to improve.


Module 12: Course Wrap Up

Put the finishing touches on your animation and reflect on what you’ve learned!