Coding with Java

Introductory video is coming soon.

Technology Requirements: A computer with an internet connection.

Tools & Additional Downloads: You will need to download Eclipse.

skill level: 4/5


Module 1: Intro. to Computer Science

Explore the ins and outs of computer science as you learn the history of computers and code!

Module 2: Intro to Java

Learn all about the Java programming language as you code your first project!

Module 3: Decision Making and Conditionals

Discover how computers can use logic and conditions to make decisions.

Module 4: Switch Case Conditionals

Learn more advanced conditionals as you code your own text-based game.

Module 5: Using Loops

Explore for and while loops as you learn how to create more efficient code.

Module 6: Object-Oriented Programming

Discover the concept of classes and objects and explore how they are used.

Module 7: Graphical User Interface

Explore the concept of user interface to create more graphical programs that rely on user input.

Module 8: Keyboard Controls and Interactivity

Enhance your understanding of user input and interactivity with ActionListeners, KeyListeners and more!

Module 9: Intro. to the Final Project

Use what you’ve learned about programming in Java to plan your final project.

Module 10: Testing & Peer Feedback

Show your final project to an audience and get feedback on where to improve.

Module 11: Course Wrap-Up

Put the finishing touches on your project and reflect on what you’ve learned!