Coding with Processing

Technology Requirements: A computer with an internet connection.

Tools & Additional Downloads: You will need to download Processing.

skill level: 3/5


Module 1: Intro to Computer Science

Explore the functions of the internal components of a computer and begin to use commands and operators in your programming.

Module 2: Intro to Processing

Learn about the basics of processing and draw various shapes on screen using code.

Module 3: Using Colour and Generative Art

Discover how to use the RGB colour system and use the random function.

Module 4: Decision Making and Conditionals

Explore logical structures and boolean values and how they control the flow of a program.

Module 5: Using Loops

Add some for and while loops to your code as part of your sketches.

Module  6: Using Keyboard and Mouse Inputs

Use mouse buttons, character keys and arrow keys to control your program.

Module 7:  Using External Media

Learn how to load external media (images, sounds, etc.) into processing projects to create more visually appealing projects.

Module 8: Intro to Final Project

Use what you have learned and start planning your code for the final project.

Module 9: Testing & Peer Feedback

Give and receive feedback, use the feedback from your peers to polish up your code before submitting your project.

Module 10: Course Wrap Up

Reflect on your learning throughout the course and show what you know!