Computer Music

Introductory video is coming soon.

Technology Requirements: A computer/tablet/iPad with an internet connection.

Tools & Additional Downloads: You will need to purchase an account with Soundtrap.

skill level: 2/5


Module 1: Intro to Computer Music

Discover the similarities of traditional and computer music and explore music careers in the real world.

Module 2: Melody

Learn what a melody is and create your own melody using instruments and loops.

Module 3: Harmony

Explore and identify harmonies in a piece of music and create a harmony using instruments and loops.

Module 4: Song Form & Structure

Learn about common structures used in music and use musical structures in your composition.

Module 5: Rhythm

Discover rhythms in pieces of music and use rhythms to add interest to your composition.

Module 6: Texture

Continue your learning and identify overall sound quality and musical textures in pieces of music.

Module 7: Timbre

Create audibly interesting compositions and learn what timbre is.

Module 8: Using Synth & Sound Effects

Explore synthetic sounds and learn the difference between synthetic and non-synthetic sounds.

Module 9: Conditions

Discover how to create conditions and create more advanced programs for your Dash.

Module 10: Peer Feedback

Understand how to give and receive feedback and provide feedback to your peers.

Module 11: Course Wrap Up

Reflect on your learning journey throughout the course and show what you know!