Cybersecurity & Digital Citizenship (Grades 9-12)

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Module 1: What is Cybersecurity?

Learn how to define cybersecurity and why it’s important in the digital age.

Module 2: Balancing Security & Usability

Define the term “usability” as you discover how to keep software secure and easy to use.

Module 3: Malware and Attacks

Discover the different types of malware attacks as your learn how to keep yourself safe online.

Module 4: Principles of Digital Citizenship

Explore what it means to be a good digital citizen as you learn how to best manage your online presence.

Module 5: Computers & Culture

Discover how technology has impacted human culture as you explore human-computer interaction.

Module 6: Digital Law and Ethics

Define digital law as you learn about the different ways to behave ethically online.