Internet of Things (loT)

Introductory video is coming soon.

Technology Requirements: A computer with an internet connection.

Tools & Additional Downloads: N/A

skill level: 5/5


Module 1: Introduction to IOT

Explore the ins and outs of IOT as you learn about the impact it has on our lives.

Module 2: Foundations of AWS

Discover a practical application of IOT as you learn about how Amazon Web Services work.

Module 3: AWS IOT Core

Learn how cloud computing is used in IOT as you explore device management and operation.

Module 4: Deploying IOT

Discover how IOTs are deployed and the benefits and challenges involved in deploying new devices.

Module 5: Managing IOT Deployments

Explore IOT deployment roadmaps and how to manage them.

Module 6: Technical and Societal Challenges

Learn about the importance of data security and related concerns with IOT.