Introduction to Computers & Computer Science (Grades 9 - 12)

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Module 1: History of Computing

Learn about the history of computers and how they have evolved into the technology we use today!

Module 2: Hardware

Define hardware in computing as you learn about the various parts of computers and similar devices.

Module 3: Software

Discover the evolution of software as you explore how it combines with hardware to make computers work!

Module 4: Networks, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing

Learn about the shift to virtual machines and cloud computing and how it contributes to computer science today.

Module 5: Security

Explore the many aspects of computer security as you learn how to keep your own devices safe.

Module 6: Hardware, Software, and Network Troubleshooting

Discover troubleshooting techniques and how they differ for hardware, software, and internet networks.

Module 7: Final Project

Put your knowledge of computers into practice as you “dissect” a smartphone to learn what makes it work!