Robotics with LEGO Spike Prime

Introductory video is coming soon.

Technology Requirements: A computer with an internet connection.

Tools & Additional Downloads:

skill level: 3/5


Module 1: Intro to Coding & Robotics

Discover how coding and robotics are used in every day life

Module 2: Intro to SPIKE & Moving Straight

Learn how to use a SPIKE robot and begin your first programming challenges

Module 3:  Turning

Continue your learning by programming your SPIKE to complete different types of turns

Module 4: Medium Motor /Arm

Explore the SPIKE medium motor and program the arm to move

Module 5: Loops, Wait & Brick Light

Discover how to use loops and wait in improve the flow of your programs. Additionally, learn how to change the brick light colours!

Module 6: Multitasking & Comments

Expand your knowledge of coding with techniques like multitasking and understand the value of adding comments to your code

Module 7: Force Sensor

Develop your skills by learning how to program the force sensor

Module 8: Distance Sensor

Continue building your knowledge of SPIKE sensors, by exploring the distance sensor

Module 9: Colour Sensor

Learn how to use the colour sensor within SPIKE coding

Module 10: Gyro Sensor

Explore the final and most complex sensor, by completing the gyro sensor challenges

Module 11: Final Challenge

Put together your knowledge from all the modules to create and design your own SPIKE coding project

Module 12: Course Wrap Up

Looking back and reflect on your learning throughout the LEGO Robotics course