Robotics with Sphero

Technology Requirements: A computer/tablet/iPad with an internet and connection and Bluetooth capabilities.

Tools & Additional Downloads:

skill level: 2/5




Module 1: The World of Coding & Robotics

Discover what coding is and how coding and robotics are used in the real world.

Module 2: Movement Basics

Learn the basics of the Sphero EDU app and start programming to get your Sphero moving!

Module 3: Loops & Delays

Discover how to program using loop and delay code blocks to create more complex programs.

Module 4: Lights & Sounds

Explore all the different lights and sounds that you can program with Sphero.

Module 5: Operators & Comments

Learn the purpose of using operators and comments within your Sphero program.

Module 6: Variables

Discover how to make and use variables to complete more complex challenges.

Module 7: Functions

Explore how to create your own functions to use within your Sphero program.

Module 8: Events

Learn about the different events or triggers that you can program with Sphero EDU.

Module 9: Final Challenge

Using all your knowledge from previous modules, complete the final programming Sphero challenge.

Module 10: Course Wrap Up

Reflect on your learning throughout the course and show what you know!