Video Game Design with MakeCode Arcade

Technology Requirements: A computer with an internet connection.

Tools & Additional Downloads: No downloads/account creation required.

skill level: 2/5


Module 1: Chase Game

Explore the video game industry and learn how to code a “chase” style game.

Module 2: Catch Game

Learn how to create a “catch” style game. In this game, items will fall from above and our character will them.

Module 3: Blaster Game

Discover how to add projectiles to create a “blaster” style game where you are trying to destroy enemies.

Module 4: Maze Game

Explore how to code a “maze” game where we will create barriers that characters can’t move through using the tilemap.

Module 5: Platformer Game Part 1

Time to start creating more complex video games. Learn how to code a “platform” game, we create the game world, the character and its jump ability.

Module  6: Platformer Game Part 2

Let’s continue working on our “platformer”, we will populate our game with collectibles and enemies.

Module 7: Platformer Game Part 3

Let’s finish our “platformer” game by creating NPCs as well as adding dialogue/messages, a start screen, and more.

Module 8: Final Project

Now it’s time to take everything you’ve learned in the previous modules and create your own game.

Module 9: Playtesting & Peer Feedback

Have your peers test your game to give you feedback on how to improve it.

Module 10: Course Wrap Up

Reflect on your learning throughout the course and show what you know!