Young Entrepreneurs

Technology Requirements: A computer with an internet connection.

Tools & Additional Downloads: No downloads/account creation required.

skill level: 1/5



Module 1: Intro. to Entrepreneurship

Learn about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, including how to get started!


Module 2: Skills & Characteristics

Delve deeper into your personal skills and characteristics as you learn how to utilize these for a successful venture!


Module 3: Goods & Services

Discover the differences between goods and services as you discover the roles each plays in the global economy.


Module 4: Needs vs. Wants

Learn how entrepreneurs discover opportunities in people’s needs, wants, and problems.


Module 5: Design Thinking

Discover the design thinking process and how to use it to create more inclusive and innovative ideas.


Module 6: Market Research

Learn the importance of researching trends in the market and how to leverage these to strengthen your business.


Module 7: Feasibility

Explore the concept of feasibility and how it relates to entrepreneurship.


Module 8: Ethics, Permits & Social Responsibility

Discover the importance of social responsibility in business as you explore the impact of ethics and morals in business decisions.


Module 9: Marketing

Learn how to effectively market and advertise your venture like the pros!


Module 10: Final Project

Bring your most creative ideas to life as you apply what you’ve learned in a final project!


Module 11: Peer Feedback and Project Update

Show your final project to an audience and get feedback on where to improve.


Module 12: Course Wrap-Up

Put the finishing touches on your project and reflect on what you’ve learned!