Months of planning and then a big event is over and done in the blink of an eye!
That’s exactly how we felt this past Saturday, May 5that the end of our First Annual STEM-a-THON. We had poured so much of our energy and excitement into this event and were so happy to see just how well it all came out. 
We truly wanted to create an event that gave back to our local community and inspired young people to get involved in the world of STEM. We worked with more than 230 kids through tons of exciting STEM activities, including 3D Design, Robotics, Coding, and more! We were truly amazed to see all the talent, enthusiasm and #fearlesslearning in our amazing participants and were honoured to get to spend the day with so many fabulous kids! 
It was a busy day, but we were so glad to have been able to bring such a powerful STEM experience to our local community.
We couldn’t have done it all without our amazing volunteers, sponsors, and dedicated staff who made it their mission to make the event amazing for each and every child.
Our first event of the day was our STEM Challenge. Our 8-14 age group was so inventive during their catapult challenge; we had some truly impressive designs! We’ve done this challenge countless times and we always see at least one new design every time we do it. That’s the power of STEM! Check out some of our favourite catapults below.
We then moved on to our 3D Design challenge and were blown away by how quick our participants picked up on TinkerCAD. Their medal designs were so cool and super creative! Have a look at some of our favourite designs!

Our Robotics challenge was our most popular and everyone did an amazing job! Our youngest participants impressed all of our judges, who couldn’t stop talking about just how quick they picked up on it all! Here’s some of the best photos from this challenge.


Our Coding challenge was one of our most challenging, but our participants really pulled through and showed just what they’re capable of! Our Arduino challenge got kids really hands-on; take a peek for yourself!
Our Digital Media challenge was one where the creativity of our participants really shined! We were so impressed with the stop-motion animation movies the kids came up with in such a short time. Check out some pictures of them hard at work!
As you can see, everyone had a great time! We can’t wait to do it all again next year and take our big event to the next level! Thank you again to everyone who joined us for an amazing day!