Congratulations are in order for our STEMbotics team on their win on November 15th at Aurora’s First Youth Innovation Fair! The team pitched their Rain Water Harvesting – Home Kit from their First Lego League project, and won the Honorable Mention for the Eco-Friendly award at the event in their age category. The judges included Mayor Geoff Dawe, and the kids were so excited to show him their design! Thank you to James Daigle and Ubiqweus as well for all of your support, the team is constantly inspired by your dedication and drive!

They were one of many creative and innovative projects, and we couldn’t be prouder of their efforts and accomplishments! Some of the other winning projects included:

Category 15 to 17
MI: Braille Reader
CL: 3D Tiny House
EF: Instaheat

Category 12 to 14
MI: Heavy Water Bowl
CL: Education App
EF: Rain Water Harvest – Home Kit

Category 9 to 11
MI: Toothpaste Dispensing Toothbrush
CL: Smartphone App
EF: Solar Powered Boat

#FEARLESSLEARNING is sometimes no small task, but all these teams really showed what hard work, dedication, and passion is all about!

To learn more about their Rain Water Harvesting project, check out this super creative video produced by the team: