Micro-Credentials for Students

Personalize and get recognized for your learning with micro-credentials! Fully backed by Digial Promise, STEM Minds Student Micro-Credentials are designed to support students in showcasing their learning through research-based competency-building.



According to Digital Promise, “Micro-credentials are competency-based, on-demand, personalized, and shareable.” They empower students to drive their learning and earn recognition for their efforts.

Students are in the driver’s seat; you choose the micro-credential(s) you want to explore through the courses you complete in STEAM Hub. Once you’ve demonstrated your competence by completing 3 courses in a mastery pathway, you earn the micro-credential to certify your learning. It’s that easy!


Coding Mastery Pathway

To put it simply, coding is “the language that computers speak.” Much like “human languages,” there are many different coding languages used around the world, all of which have different strengths and uses. In order to use computers as a tool to shape the world around us, we need to learn these languages.

In this micro-credential the student will understand and write code in multiple coding languages in order to create a range of projects. 

Video Game Design Mastery Pathway

Many students dream of becoming video game designers when they become adults, but a large number of them don’t recognize exactly what is happening behind the scenes in their favorite games! From graphics to gameplay, points systems to levels, coding is behind it all. 

In this micro-credential the student will learn to design and code their own playable video games. 

Digital Art & Media Mastery Pathway

There is no STEM without creativity. Technology can be leveraged in many ways to create the art and media that surrounds our lives. In an increasingly media-based world, students need to develop their skills across a range of mediums in order to express their ideas.

In this micro-credential the student will understand the intersection of technology, design, and creativity and use technology to express themselves and shape the world around them. 

Robotics Mastery Pathway

Robotics is the ultimate real world application of coding that challenges students to combine their programming skills with real life problem solving. Understanding how to work with robotics creates a deeper understanding of the true nature and applications of technology as a whole. 

In this micro-credential the student will learn to write code and program a range of robots. 

Entrepreneurship Mastery Pathway

Calling all future leaders, game changers, and problem solvers! Entrepreneurs are shaping the world around us, so let’s get in on the fun. From public speaking to business planning, inclusive design to the money behind it all, you’ll explore the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

In this micro-credential the student will learn to apply the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and create their own business.

Advanced STEM Mastery Pathway

Technology is everywhere, but do we really understand it? From AI, cybersecurity, cryptography, big data, blockchain, and more, these advanced STEM topics can be a challenge to untangle.

In this micro-credential the student will learn the fundamentals of advanced STEM technologies.

Computer Science & Hardware Mastery Pathway

Computers are everywhere these days, so it’s important to understand how they work! From the fundamentals of cybersecurity to the internal workings of computers, these skills are the foundation for success in a technology driven world. 

In this micro-credential the student will understand and apply the principles of cybersecurity, digital citizenship, and data analysis. 

Certified by Digital Promise


New to micro-credentialling? You may be wondering where to start!

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about our micro-credentials to help you dive into your fearless learning journey.

Are there any prerequisites?

Nope! Whether you have no experience at all or are a seasoned expert, our mastery pathways include a range of courses for all skill levels. You choose the 3 courses in any mastery pathway in order to earn the micro-credential. 

How will I earn the micro-credential?

It’s simple! All you need to do is fully complete 3 courses in any mastery pathway. Once you’ve done so, you will automatically earn the microcredential.

How long will a micro-credential take me to earn?

It depends! Each individual course takes 20 – 30 hours to complete from start to finish. In order to earn a micro-credential, you need to complete 3 of the courses in a mastery pathway.

What if I need help?

We’re here for you! Our expert team of teachers will be reviewing your work and providing feedback and you can send us an email at support@stemminds.com at any time you have questions.