Online Courses


At STEM Minds, our Online Courses are where children ages 8+ can access powerful STEM education on demand. 

We know the key to success for your child is keeping them engaged and motivated throughout their learning journey. For this reason, we have developed a fun and interactive reward system to encourage them at every stage. 

Our extensive course selection provides mastery pathways to help your child work build a variety of skills. Our three-tier subscription model allows you to choose the right starting place for your child, all while getting access to our most popular courses.

Level 1: Free Courses


  • Free foundational courses to get started, including computer skills, language and math foundations
  • Free trial courses for Tier 2 included
  • No prior knowledge required
Level 2: Introductory Courses


  • For studens age 8+ 
  • 15+of our most popular courses
  • No prior knowledge required
  • Some parental support required to download tools
Level 3: Advanced Courses


  • Launching Spring 2021
  • For students ages 10+
  • 5 + Advanced-Level Courses
  • Level 2 courses are a pre-requisite
  • Minimal parental support required
Gift of Learning


  • For students ages 8+
  • All Level 2 courses included
  • Choose this option to give STEAM Hub subscription as a gift

Elevate Your Classroom

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