Why STEM Education?

A recent report by the World Economic Forum stated the jobs of tomorrow will rely heavily on a good grasp of STEM subjects, including Science, Technology, Education, and Math.
Now more than ever, our children need to become self-directed, life-long learners. And that means we need to alter how we teach and what we teach to unlock their full potential.

STEM Minds offer a complementary learning opportunity for schools not fully equipped to offer technology-focused learning programs. From K-12, we help take your child’s STEM education to the next level.

The STEM Minds Difference

We are a mission-driven social enterprise that teaches technology to new and skilled users with in-class and virtual education programs for children ages 4-18. STEM Minds offers a collaborative and supportive atmosphere to learn and thrive.

Our versatile programs are designed and delivered by certified teachers and technical professionals using up-to-the-minute technology for a world-class education.

At STEM Minds, every student is given a safe space to voice their perspective and springboard new ideas. We instill self-esteem and open their minds to new possibilities.
With programs in robotics, coding, film, photography, video game design, app development, AI, and more, there is truly something for everyone.

STEM + The Arts

At STEM Minds, we provide holistic and well-rounded learning opportunities for our students. We believe that the future of all job industries will be transformed by technology. It’s for this reason that in addition to our STEM-specific courses, we are also committed to offering a variety of arts courses that are taught with a tech-focused lens. From photography and videography to public speaking and narrative writing, we equip students with the STEM skills they need to also succeed in the future of arts-based industries. You will see our commitment to the arts reflected in the name of our on-demand course platform: STEAM Hub.


STEM Minds.

STEM Minds is a K-12 STEM content creator and program provider for both in-person and online #fearlesslearning, designed by expert educators and technical professionals and supported by research and education pedagogy.

Whether your child thinks they’re the next hit YouTuber, won’t stop talking about their future as a video game designer, or is convinced they are going to make their fortune as a computer engineer, our holistic range of programs offers youth of all ages the opportunity to explore the exciting world of STEM and get hands-on experience with the passions they already have (and the new one’s they discover!).

With a focus on hands-on, project based learning through programs ranging from robotics and coding to mechatronics, video game design to eSports, app and web development to AI,  there is truly something for every child to build their confidence, their skills, and a solid foundation for success in the 21st century.

A certified BCorp business, we are focused on having a long-term impact on our communities and a global social impact!

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Our Story

STEM Minds was founded in March 2016 based on a personal need identified by the founding partners, Anu and Yash Bidani. With aspirations to introduce their two bright boys to STEM-based learning and career opportunities, they knew they couldn’t leave it to the schools alone.

After trying several extracurricular programs and camps to engage their sons, they were disappointed with the results. While the programs were exciting at first, the lack of teaching expertise on the part of instructors combined with a lack of continuous engagement so kids could develop their skills over the long term meant that the impact and absorption of STEM learning for their sons was minimal.

So, Anu decided to take this into her own hands. With a passion for technology and decades of knowledge in the industry, she knew she could build a company that would provide the kind of programming and learning experiences she wanted to see for her sons for a whole community of youth who were not being given the opportunities they needed.

Starting in the summer of 2016 with the very first camps with just a few kids, to now having reached more than 15,000+ students, that dream has been made a reality. Students across the Great Toronto Area are getting the hands-on, personalized STEM experiences they deserve from an expert team of licensed educators and STEM professionals who are here to stay for the long term, allowing students to see continuous growth in their skills and confidence as they explore the amazing world of STEM.

Our Philanthropy program

STEM Minds has always believed in the power of giving and the community. Becoming BCorp certified was our first commitment to be transparent and accountable with our social and environmental impact. We have taken that now to the next level by launching our philantropy program EdTech Hive 2020 with the mission to service our communities to build 21st century skills so we all can stay relevant and successful for the fourth industrial revolution underway!

Visit our website: https://www.edtechhive2020.org




"I can’t say enough about what STEM Minds has done for my kids. STEM Minds has provided a fun, hands-on environment for my kids to learn about robotics, coding, VR, etc; basically, the future of tech and employment. The education system needs to catch up to what STEM Minds is providing!"

Tom I, Parent

"At the end of the workshop the first comment from my students was "when can we do this again?" They not only enjoyed the workshop but came away with much more knowledge that they applied in a fun way! I consider myself knowledgeable in terms of teaching coding, but what they learned from STEM Minds took it to another level!"


"Challenging, supportive and fun environment! STEM Minds is constantly changing their programming to stay current and relevant. Staff have education backgrounds and can support all abilities and kids with exceptionalities!"

Jill M, Parent