STEAM Hub Supports Learner Variability

STEAM Hub is proud to be a Learner Variability Certified Product through Digital Promise.

We are committed to developing inclusive and accessible programs and learning opportunities for all youth. As part of this approach, we embrace the “learner variability” model, which recognizes that “all students differ, and learning sciences research shows that these differences matter for learning […] learner variability embraces both students who struggle and those who thrive […] because of the natural variability found in each person, in school and beyond.”[1]

We also recognize that strong inequity exists both in access to STEM education and in representation within the world of STEM.

We want to change this. As such, STEAM Hub has been purposefully built to support all aspects of learner variability (including literacy, cognition, social-emotional learning, and student background) in a variety of ways, including…

Content Accessibility Tools

STEAM Hub includes a variety of accessibility features to support student needs. Text-to-speech tools and automatic translation make it easy for all students to access written content. Text magnification options are available to support students with vision impairment.

Multiple Ways to Learn

No matter how you learn, STEAM Hub is here to support you. Lessons are available in video or text format so you can choose your preference, you can submit discussions in written or audio format, and you are in control of your learning through hands-on and flexible projects to apply your skills.

Supporting Metacognition

STEAM Hub is all about supporting students in learning HOW to learn. Our courses don’t just teach student content and skills, they also require students to reflect on their learning, develop strategies for dealing with challenges, and forge their own unique learning pathway

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