Virtual Labs for Advanced STEM

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STEM Minds is building virtual-machine-based STEM Labs to facilitate STEAM Hub learning for students in advanced STEM subjects.

STEM Labs are virtual machines with access to all the software and tools required to learn and practice hands-on-activities that are outlined in our advanced STEM courses. This will enable accessibility for students who may not have access to powerful laptops and ability to install software on their computers. STEM labs will include software for the following courses: eSports, Databases, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Big Data, IOT, and more.


The Digital Lab for eSports will have the high-power gaming cards enabled with the games software to allow students to compete with the same hardware capacity as their peers for accessibility and equity. Generally, gaming laptops are expensive with high tech hardware and are not always available to students. As such, the digital labs will enable accessibility for high power computing for gaming.

Cloud Computing

The Digital Lab for Cloud Computing will have the software and hardware capacity enabled in virtual machines to allow students to learn more about cloud computing tools.  As such, the digital labs will enable accessibility for high power computing for cloud computing related learning.

Big Data Analytics

Students learn how to handle large volumes of data, and apply machine and statistical learning algorithms to derive data insights. A key objective for students is to learn to use data analytics tools, such as Apache Hadoop’s open-source software package which provides tools for storing, managing, and processing big data.

Database Management

Databases concepts are one of the introductory courses taught in most of the Computer Science departments in colleges. For example, you can set up a virtual machine template in a lab with a MySQL Database Server or a SQL Server 2019 server.

SQL Database

Structured Query Language (SQL) is the standard language for relational database management including adding, accessing, and managing content in a database. You can set up a lab to teach database concepts using both MySQL Database server and SQL Server 2019 server.


MATLAB, which stands for Matrix laboratory, is programming platform from MathWorks. It combines computational power and visualization making it popular tool in the fields of math, engineering, physics, and chemistry.

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