Play STEMulators™

STEMulators™ are our custom-built, game-based learning simulations designed to give students hands-on experience in the world of STEM.

Each STEAM Hub course includes STEMulators™ that help students apply their skills and have fun! Test our our STEMulators™ using the links below. 

Build a 3D Printer

3D Print Hub Shop

CivBot in the City

ExcaBot and the temple of gloom

What Makes a Good Game?

STEMBot's QA Review

STEMBot's Bad Code Crusade

The Python Escape Room

UI/UX Basketball

Drag and Drop Simulator

Temple of Collision

Super Robo Bowling

Art Museum

Art Thief


Photo Lighting

HTML Tower Defense

HTML Cards

Arduino Joule Joyride

MicroBit Joule Joyride



Our custom-build, game-based simulators that allow students to explore concepts and demonstrate their skills.

Why include STEMulators™?

Game-based learning is a great way for students to build and apply skills. Our STEMulators™ are less than 10 minutes of playtime so the focus stays on learning, inspriration, and excitement and not gaming for the sake of it.

How many STEMulators™ are in each course?

Most STEAM Hub courses have two STEMulators™; one focused on teaching students new skills (eLeanring) and one focused on students applying their skills (eAssessment). For some courses, STEMulators™ are still in development and will be deployed when ready.

What do you need to run the STEMulators™?

All STEMulators™ are web accessible and do not need any special software or hardware. The graphic resolution is designed to be played on any device, including Chromebooks. Loading times for the STEMulators™ may depend on your device/internet connection.

How are STEMulators™ designed?

Our STEMulators™ are designed in partnership between our content development team and our STEMulator™ team to ensure that they showcase real life experiences in the topic and help provide hands-on experiences that students might otehrwise not get in an online environment. Our STEMulators™ are designed with Unity and are fully web accessible so everyone can learn!

Do the STEMulators™ get graded?

At this time, STEMulators™ are optional learning experiences within STEAM Hub courses and do not have points assigned to them.