Collaboration Furniture

STEM Minds’ state of the art facility has furniture with a story.

Canada is a global leader in education, but real changes are threatening core principals of traditional learning. Entrepreneurship and collaboration are in-demand skills youth must learn to prepare for higher education. We need to better prepare them for a future where disruptive technologies in the labour market will reward skilled workers. An understanding of STEM will allow future generations to develop into critical thinkers, discoverers, entrepreneurs and problem solvers.

In order to do this, students need an inspiring space to learn.

608 Design has joined forces with STEM Minds to develop one of the most complete maker, collaborative and adaptive STEM specific furniture  lines. We studied children’s learning habits and built a frame-work around the equipment they use for making and learning. This line of collaboration furniture is our solution for an emerging product category that is rapidly changing the world around us.

To get in touch with 608Design about our furniture for your School Board please use the form at the bottom of this page. Please note that at this point we only work with School Boards for large orders.

Collaborative Workstation

  • modular, reconfigurable design
  • built-in storage compartments for technology
  • serviceable, replaceable parts
  • durable laminate work surface
  • cord/wire management
  • optional whiteboard dividers

Promote a collaborative learning environment with hexagonal shaped centre facing desks. The shape allows optimal desk use in close proximity and students to share ideas freely while still providing students with a sense of personal space.

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Mobile Desks

  • modular, reconfigurable design
  • optional storage module
  • serviceable, replaceable parts
  • durable laminate work surface
  • low profile heavy duty casters
  • use with desktop 3D printer, CNC up to 40” width
  • Robotics tables with white boards

The ultimate in flexibility for your STEM lab. Use as a  mobile  work desk or equipment table. Add storage with re-configurable panels to keep material and supplies organized.

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Modular Lounge

  • flexible, modular design
  • storage and power capable
  • serviceable, replaceable parts
  • durable, cleanable vinyl upholstery
  • high density resilience foam
  • powder coated metal legs
  • heavy duty casters
  • acoustic surround pod

At the heart of any collaborative environment is a comfortable place to sit. Armless design to maximize space, stor age for daily items and marker board panels for privacy or brainstorming. Pods provide added privacy and noise reduction in today`s open plan environments.

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Storage Solution

  • modular components
  • cleanable surfaces
  • holds jars and bins of various sizes

Keep your Maker lab organized with modular shelving that adapts to changing needs. Store small components in the Cubby wall and vinyl rolls or large  format prints in the Roll shelf. Get students excited about showing off their latest creations in the Display desk.

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Get In Touch

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