You wake up one cold winter morning in January or February and realize, “I need to register my kids for summer camp!”  Though it is a chilly Canadian winter, before you know it, March is upon you and summer camps in your area are already booking up quickly.  With the all the different types of camps out there and the various programs how do you decide?  As Mangers of STEM MINDS™ we can honestly say it is our goal and mission to help campers discover the joys of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) camp, enhance their academic and social skills while having the best experience possible.  We will always do our best to accommodate the needs of children and ensure their experience is individualized to their unique learning style with differentiated instruction.

At STEM MINDS™, we keep striving to improve the experience we offer to our families. This includes new ideas and innovations that comes from reflecting on the families and camper’s experiences, keeping up-to-date on the latest STEM research and providing rich programs to our campers.  We are also unique in our delivery by providing smaller camper to counselor ratios. We hire highly skilled and trained counselors who have either a teaching background and/or a university education that is in the field of STEM, each child has access to their own equipment, and we allow for the discovery of various STEM programs (e.g., 3D printing, Minecraft™ game and design, Arduino circuits, Wearable Technology, programming with Lego® EV3 and much more).

In today’s society many parents are concerned about the amount of “screen time” for their children.  Here at STEM MINDS™ we believe it essential to enhance technical skills by having the children engage in “unplugged” activities.  These hands-on activities allow the kids to explore and discover many different concepts of science that can be applied to STEM.   Unplugged activities play a critical role to help keep kids engaged in learning opportunities while problem-solving and having fun.

Children who attend STEM MINDS™ camps are receiving the opportunity to experience STEM based learning while preparing them for a successful future.

Whether you attended one week or several, were a staff member or parent, you all played a role in creating a wonderful summer; thank you! Enjoy our gallery of pictures as we are having fun at the CGMA summer camp.

Week 1 – Summer Camp

Our Team

Camp Director: Reza Beyzaei (aka Mr. B); Counselor: Jed (aka Blck Socks); Volunteer: Logan

Creative Corner

This week our campers discovered and explored various STEM related activities.  This included:

  • Game Design and Development
  • 3D Printing
  • Robotics
  • Arduino Programming

 Key Dates

Every Friday from 3:00-5:00pm of the camp week, we will showcase all the creations campers have worked on during the week. So please feel free to drop by early to view their creations!

Unplugged Activities

Each day our campers explored STEM without using a computer.  This allowed for rich hands-on experiences and an opportunity to learn in a fun and creative way.  This week some of the unplugged activities were:

  • Eww, Eww, Magnetic goo
  • Solid liquid, what?
  • Lego® Fun
  • Balloon Magic
  • And much more!


Counselor’s Comments

Your first attempt at designing may not work, don’t give up!

Feeling kind of bored, don’t worry, just make stuff!