Corporate Partner Workshops

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We have delivered hundreds of workshops across Canada to students and adults alike. Our expert team of certified teachers and STEM professionals knows exactly how to create a learning experience sure to make an impact on your audience.

Whether you are looking for workshops for your conference or event, offer professional development STEM trainings to your client base, or increase understanding of how to utilize your technology in K-12 classrooms through hands-on workshops, we partner with you to develop an experience that participants will love!

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Conferences & Events

Going to be at a conference and looking for a way to increase your impact? Contact us to learn more about how a STEM Minds workshop can increase your visibility as a vendor or presenter and get attendees to engage in an exciting, hands-on environment.

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Tech Training

Are you a technology-based companies looking to enter or expand your reach in the education market? Partner with us to offer technology trainings so students and teachers have the confidence and skills they need to bring your products into the classroom.

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Professional Development

Already have your edtech products and services in schools and are looking to increase classroom use? Contact us to learn more about our custom professional development opportunities. Our team of certified teachers will work with you to develop and deliver a curriculum focused, hands-on professional development session to K-12 teachers.

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Corporate Workshops

Working with a charitable or community organization? Looking to bring an exciting experience to the children of your employees? If you’re a business looking to give back, partner with STEM Minds to bring exciting, hands-on workshops to youth in your community that are sure to make an impact.

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