Coding with C++

Technology Requirements: A computer with an internet connection.

Tools & Additional Downloads: You will need to download Eclipse.

skill level: 4/5



Module 1: Intro. to Computer Science

Explore the ins and outs of computer science as you learn the history of computers and code!


Module 2: Console Output

Learn about the C++ console and code blocks as you write your first project; Hello World!


Module 3: Variables & Calculations

Discover the importance of variables in coding through the intersection of math and code!


Module 4: User Input & Interactive Programs

Learn how to program functions that allow users to interact with your code.


Module 5: Selection Structures (Conditionals)

Explore the concepts of conditions as you introduce different logic pathways in your coding programs.


Module 6: Repetition Structures (Loops)

Discover the concept of loops in coding and how you can utilize them to make more effective and efficient programs.


Module 7: Arrays

Explore the concept of arrays as you compare them to variables and understand where and when to use each in code.


Module 8: Using Random Numbers

Enhance your understanding of C++ concepts through “random” projects like the creation of a Magic 8-Ball!


Module 9: Functions

Learn how to create more complex programs like a working calculator using functions.


Module 10: Final Project

Bring your most creative ideas to life as you apply what you’ve learned in a final project!


Module 11: Peer Feedback

Show your final project to an audience and get feedback on where to improve.


Module 12: Course Wrap-Up

Put the finishing touches on your project and reflect on what you’ve learned!