Coding with Scratch

Technology Requirements: A computer with an internet connection.

Tools & Additional Downloads: You will need to create an account with Scratch. 

skill level: 2/5


Module 1: Intro to Coding

Explore the role of coding in the real world and discover careers that require coding skills.

 Module 2: Getting Started with Scratch

Learn the basics of the Scratch platform and how to create and program a sprite and background.

Module 3: Multiple Characters and Scenes

Discover how to add multiple sprites and more scenes to create more realistic looking movements for your characters.

Module 4: Advanced Code Blocks

Explore how to use more advanced code blocks to take your digital story to the next level.

Module 5: Digital Story Submission

Use what you learned in the previous modules to design, create and program your unique digital story.

Module  6: Planning & Creating Game Sprites

Brainstorm ideas and start planning your platformer video game. Next, focus on creating your own sprites.

Module 7: Main Character Movement

Learn how to program your main character sprite so it can move around your game levels.

Module 8: Enemies & Collectibles

Learn to create and program enemies, collectibles and collisions into your video game.

Module  9: New Levels

Discover how to design and add new levels to your video game.

Module 10: Playtesting & Peer Feedback

Have your peers test your game to give you feedback on how to improve it.

Module  11: Final Submission

Use the feedback from your peers to polish and perfect your Scratch video game before your final submission.

Module 12: Course Wrap Up

Reflect on your learning throughout the course and show what you know!