Data Analysis (Grades 9 - 12)

Introductory video is coming soon.

Technology Requirements: 

Tools & Additional Downloads: 

skill level: /5


Module 1: Introduction to Data

Explore what data is and how humans use it to make decisions in their day to day lives.

Module 2: Data Acquisition and Cleaning

Learn about the importance of cleaning data for proper analysis and to protect privacy.

Module 3: Data Visualization

Discover how data visualization can assist in data exploration and discovery.

Module 4: Data Relationships

Explore how to identify relationships between databases using technology tools like NoSQL and SQL.

Module 5: Business Intelligence

Learn about aggregation and why it’s important for data analysis in business settings.

Module 6: Industry and Tools

Discover the various occupations related to data and how they overlap.

Module 7: Final Project

Use your knowledge of data and databases to perform a data analysis of your very own!