Technology Requirements: A computer with an internet connection.

Tools & Additional Downloads: You will need to download Streamlabs. You will need access to Rocket League, League of Legends, and/or Super Smash Bros. 

skill level: 4/5


Let’s Get Started

Learn about basic functions of Canvas, the games you will be looking at, and any hardware requirements for the course.

Module 1: Creating an Esports Team

Learn about the Esports industry and discover how to act as an appropriate digital citizen while gaming online.

Module 2: Teams & Branding

Form your very own Esports team as you learn the basics of branding and creating a healthy team environment.

Module 3: Streaming & Content Creation

Discover the ins and outs of streaming gameplay as you explore the basics of effective and engaging content creation.

Module 4: Health in Esports

Being an Esports athlete means keeping yourself healthy. Learn tips on how to keep your physical and mental health in top shape.

Module 5: Coaching in Esports

Learn effective training and coaching strategies in Esports through the process of video on demand analysis, then apply this knowledge to your own gameplay practice!

Module 6: Video On Demand and Player Feedback

Review gameplay from other players (and yourself!) as you analyze strategies for success and areas of improvement.

Module 7: Game Design for Esports

Explore how some of your favourite games are made as you analyze and critique popular Esports games.

Module 8: The Technology of Esports

One of the most exciting things about Esports is the incredible technology that powers the industry. Gain insights into the software, hardware, and other equipment that’s required to make Esports a reality.

Module 9: Esports Events

One of the largest components of the Esports industry are Esports tournments and events. Learn what it takes to put on an Esports tournament as you design and plan an event of your own!

Module 10: Careers in Esports

There’s much more to Esports than becoming a professional gamer! Discover the various careers available within the industry as you research and explore where your passions could lead you.

Module 11: Course Wrap-up

Show us what you know and reflect on your learning during this course.

Practice Modules

Throughout the course, participate in various training exercises to reflect and improve on the game of your choice!