Film & Photography

Introductory video is coming soon.

Technology Requirements: A DLSR or mobile device, and a chromebook or laptop with wifi access.

Tools & Additional Downloads: Using the website of Pixler E and no account creation required.

skill level: 1/5


Module 1: Intro to Cameras

Discover the various parts of cameras and phone cameras and understand the strategies of taking good pictures.

Module 2: Focal Point and Rule of Thirds

Learn about the Rule of Thirds composition technique and how to choose an appropriate focal point for a photo.

Module 3: Design Elements Part 1

Explore the basic design elements (line, shape, colour, size) and how they are used to capture a viewer’s attention.

Module 4: Design Elements Part 2

Learn about design elements (texture, space, value) and how they are used to capture a viewer’s interest and attention.

Module 5: Angles & Perspective

Discover different types of angles (high, low, birds-eye, and eye level) used in photography and improve your photo skills.

Module 6: Lighting

Explore how to use different types of light positioning and how to use different light sources.

Module 7: Stop Motion Animation Part 1

Learn the process of creating a stop motion animation video and create a storyboard.

Module 8: Stop Motion Animation Part 2

Discover how to create your own movie with the Stop Motion Studio app.

Module 9: Final Project

Use your learning from the whole course to design a final project that showcases your skills.

Module 10: Peer Feedback

Understand how to give and receive feedback and provide feedback to your peers.

Module 11: Course Wrap Up

Reflect on your learning journey throughout the course and show what you know!