STEM Online Academy Technology

Platform Highlights

  • Gamification of real world problems through e-Learning and e-Assessment tools to ensure learning sticks
  • Virtual Reality experiences using hardware agnostic technology for engagement and fun
  • Personalized learning journeys using artificial intelligence which adapts to student needs
  • Curriculum integration using hands-on projects to ensure classroom alignment
  • Student metrics analysis using digital tools like Badgr Pro allowing teachers to stay up to date on engagement and progress
  • Digital citizenship, communication and collaboration integrated with privacy to focus on soft skills development
  • Custom tools, e-portfolios and integrations using a powerful learning management system (Canvas) to address varying
    learning styles of students
  • Accessibility enablement for inclusion of varying student needs
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Artificial Intelligence

  • Personalized learning provided through customized algorithms
  • AI engine ensures that user needs are met
  • Platform learns and grows with students for an optimal learning experience
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Virtual Reality

  • applied concepts through custom built virtual scenes
  • compatible with browser-based 360-degree views or virtual reality headsets
  • interactive scenes that allow student work to be placed within the environment
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  • custom built e-learning games to reinforce learning goals
  • e-assessment games provide real-world problems and make learning stick
  • gamified modules with the tool Badgr Pro
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Learning Tools

  • digital tools like Google Apps and Office365 allow for safe online collaboration
  • integrated communication tools help to build digital citizenship and public speaking skills
  • e-portfolios ensure students have a record of their accomplishments for years to come
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