Welcome back last weeks campers and welcome new campers!

Our Team

Camp Director: Reza Beyzaei (aka Mr. B)

Counselor: Jed (aka Blck Socks)

Volunteer: Robert (aka Waddles)

Our Campers

Each week we have been very fortunate to have returning campers come to our camp who are continuing to build on their STEM skills.  We have also been fortunate to welcome new campers.  The friendships forming between all the campers each week is truly amazing.  Their dedication to learning and working together is truly commendable.  Way to go campers!

Creative Corner (Tech and Unplugged)

Each day our campers explore STEM not only using technology but also by engaging in unplugged activities.  This allows for rich hands-on experiences and an opportunity to learn in a fun and creative way.  This week some of the STEM activities were:

  • Minecraft Worlds with 3D printing
  • Game Design and Development
  • Robotics
  • Arduino Programming and Circuits
  • Making a periscope
  • Building a hydraulic lift
  • Cubic bubbles, giant bubbles,…
  • Building a rubber band car
  • Exploring magnets and magnetism
  • Center of Gravity – coke can
  • Egg Drop Competition
  • Metallic Slime

Counselor’s Comments

Learning to work together as a team is important to build your own skills!

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