Week Five, The Fun and Learning Continues!

Our Team

Camp Director: Reza Beyzaei (aka “Mr. B”); Counselor: Jed (aka “Blck Socks”); Volunteer: Elizabeth (aka “Liz”).

Creative Corner (Tech and Unplugged)

Each day our campers explore STEM not only using technology but also by engaging in unplugged activities.  This allows for rich hands-on experiences and an opportunity to learn in a fun and creative way.  This week some of the STEM activities were:

  • Straw fan
  • Electrical Steady Hand Game
  • CD and Marble Top
  • Generator from a Motor
  • Nervous Noodler
  • Dancing Magnets
  • 3D printing
  • Game Design
  • Robotics
  • Arduino Programming and Circuits

Counselor’s Comments

“If you build something, you are using STEM!”

Camper’s Comments

“Keep trying until you get it”- Christian

“Stuff will be difficult, but just work through it”.—Jase

“Never give up” – Rik

“It takes a while to learn a new skill” – Nik