Watch how learning happens through video

These short videos will give you a preview of what to expect in the course. Hope you are as excited us to learn and build skills to be future-ready!

online courses

Coding with Processing

Coding with Microbit

Web Development

Robotiics with LEgo EV3(tm)

Learn Robotics with Sphero

3D Design

Coding with Scratch

Video Game Design

App Development

2d Design

Tell stories with Minecraft

Film and Photography

My entire team was prototyping by the end of the first day!

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John Smith, Teacher


We use many industry tools to teach students transferable skills so learning continues beyond the course into life long learning.

Do we have to pay for third party tools

We strive to select tools that are free and designed for education with full privacy and security in place. You can opt to purchase paid versions of the tools, but it is not required. The free versions work well.

Do you need any special hardware or software for tools?

Most tools are web accessible with no special requirements. Please ensure you read the pre-requisites for the courses.