STEM Job Projections


One thing that is constant is change. That being said, what can we do as parents to embrace this change and get our kids ready for careers of the future? Back in the 1950’s you could graduate from high school and get a good entry level job at a major company, and if you worked hard you could have a decent career path. In the 1980’s you would need a BA for the same result, but today even a master’s degree won’t necessarily afford our kids the same path.

In today’s world our kids are not only competing with the kids in your neighbourhood but also with kids from countries around the world for good paying jobs and careers. As parents we need to give our kids the tools to prosper in the global market place. Many young adults struggle to find a footing in today’s job markets, but those with the right aptitude and skills will prosper and have rewarding career paths.

While unemployment rates may be high in some sectors there is one area that employers are begging for qualified applicants and are willing to pay exorbitant salaries to fill spots. Where is this wonderland you ask?

In the STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). The starting salary for a student with a degree from a STEM background is 40% higher on average than graduates from other disciplines. They are also less likely to be unemployed and more likely to be intellectually challenged and have greater advancement opportunities than others.

Canada amongst many other countries is not producing enough graduates in the STEM fields to meet the demand. To address the shortage, additional funding is being dedicated to attract and train people to these fields.

If we give our children the opportunity to experience different practical aspects of STEM at an early age we will ignite their curiosity and get them excited towards a lifelong commitment to the wonders of STEM.